1) What are functions in spreadsheet software? Describe in brief any six of them.
2) Illustrate using an example on how you can sort data stored in Excel Sheet, using two
3) How do we increase or decrease size of a Row & Column in a spreadsheet.
5) How is validation done in a spreadsheet? What are the types of validation possible?
6) Explain the use of Payroll system in an organization. Name different columns that you would include in a payroll statement?
7) Explain any three financial functions available in MS-EXCEL.
8) Explain with example the Alphabetical Order sorting on raw, unordered data in Spreadsheet.
9) Describe with example the Auto-Calculate and Autofill feature in MS-EXCEL.
11) Create an Excel sheet, fill numbers in A1 to A10 cell, write formula to sum the above
numbers in A11, maximum of above numbers in A12 and count if numbers greater than 20 in A13 cell.
12) Create an excel sheet, fill in the numbers A1 to A10 cell, write formula to sum the above numbers in A11 and to average the sum in A12.
13) What is an array formula in Excel? By taking suitable data, explain sum operation on array of data.
14) How do you create a table? Explain the purpose of split cell and merge cells in a table
with example.
16) Define function in Spreadsheet Software. Describe any five functions.
18) Give some application areas of electronic spreadsheet?
19) What are the features and significance of electronic spreadsheets?
20) What is a cell?